My two weeks in Italy: Windows and Balconies

During my recent trip in Italy I found myself taking many pictures of finestre e balconi (windows and balconies). My mom’s balcony was always full of flower pots. She truly had a green thumb, she could grow anything. She also had a small vegetable garden growing in her pots. My mom never bought a plant in her life; she would just snap off a thumb size piece of any plant she liked and before you knew it, the plant was in full bloom in a pot on her balcony. I definitely did not inherit her green thumb, however, I do love balconies!

I was already planning on sharing some of my windows and balconies pictures and then few days ago, while I was trying to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers, I came across my friend’s blog, Meg Travels. There it was, a post on windows! With her wonderful, Monet inspired, pictures she entered the CBBH photo challenge, whose October’s theme was in fact “windows“.

So I took this encounter as a sign and here I am with my answer to the CBBH challenge: these are my windows and balconies of Italy! The pictures are all mine, some taken with my Nikon DX40, some with my iphone. There is a little of everything, colorful windows of Burano – some embellished with their traditional lace curtains – architecturally ornate windows of Venice, balconies overloaded with flower’s pots, and simple wroght iron balconies.

Please enjoy and let me know which window or balcony is your favorite.

P.S. I also took a lot of pictures of gates, but they will be on another post, so . . . come back!

Don’t forget to visit Meg Travels to take a look to her windows and Margieinitaly to take a look to some of her Italy’s pics.

Also to learn more about the monthly CBBH Photo Challenge visit East of MΓ‘laga

27 thoughts on “My two weeks in Italy: Windows and Balconies

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  3. I’ve got a lot of door photos – I need to increase my window collection because they have the same allure. Of these I like the ‘by night’ and ‘old shutters’ shots best.


  4. We adore the balconies and the fullness of the plantings. It is so lush, we keep looking UP and sometimes just trip on an uneven cobblestone…LOL! Hubby also loves taking pictues of the door knockers..look for a post on that soon. Love the shots you captured.


  5. Hi MariaGiovanna and welcome to the CBBH monthly photo challenge!

    What a fantastic selection of windows in Italy you have shared with us. I love photographing windows, balconies, doors, steps, gates, bridges – you name it – I snap it!

    It’s difficult to choose which is my favourite, but I am going to say the sixth row down, on the right – the gorgeous pink/lavender coloured house! I love it.

    Very well done!


  6. You have truly captured the Italian culture in these photos of windows and balconies and flowers! Thanks for mentioning my blog and I will check out the CBBH photochallenge.


    1. I initially didn’t take the pictures with my blog in mind but, then I realized they would make a nice gallery. Thank you for your comment and you are welcome about the mention…your pictures are lovely!


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