Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

It seems that the weekly photo challenge has lately become my only opportunity to share my Italy with you. I hope to get back with recipes, travel notes, notes on culture and traditions as soon as possible. For now, I hope you will enjoy my entries for this week photo challenge: delicate.

I picked two images from Venice, the delicate vetri (glass art) of Murano (picture taken at the Carlo Scarpa- Venini exhibition) and the delicate touch of  an artisan working on a Venetian maschera (mask). I am also sharing an image of the delicate Burano merletti (laces) (Burano is a small island in the Venice lagoon and it is known for its lacework). Lastly, the delicate taste of my Delizia al Limone, a lemon flavored dessert typical of the Amalfi Coast. You can find my recipe clicking here.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

  1. How I love Venice! I would have loved to see the mask being painted – it’s quite a skill.
    I discovered your blog via Meg Travels who has shared a link on her entry to my CBBH Photo Challenge for this month. It’s always nice to find new places to visit, especially if they are recommended by others, don’t you think?

    All the best for 2013 – may all your hopes and dreams have wings 🙂


    1. Quite fascinating to see the paintbrush touching up my mask!
      So much grateful to Meg for sharing my blog…always nice when someone appreciate what you do.
      Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you will find my blog interesting.
      Happy New Year!


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