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Auguri a tutti i papa` (Best wishes to all of the fathers). Today, March 19th, in Italy we celebrate La Festa del Papa` (Father’s day).

When I was a child, on the afternoon before Father’s Day, my mom and I would go to a nearby field to pick-up the fragrant mammole (violets). The next morning, I would set up a breakfast tray for my dad with the violets nicely gathered in a small glass. A small handcrafted gift and a short letter was usually on the tray as well. This past winter I received, from my brother in Italy, some boxes full of mementos from our mom’s home. In one of the boxes, to my surprise, I found a little red velvet sketch book with a small round cutout window through which you could glimpse a picture of my dad and myself. It was a gift I had made…

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  1. Maria Giovanna,
    Great story, recipe and photos. I too grew up on zeppole, but ours were made in the family bakery. I never made them myself, but your photos and directions are quite clear and easy to follow. I referenced you in my blog today. Grazie! Judy

    • Thank you Judy for your kind words. I am sure that the zeppole from the family bakery must have been delicious ! I hope you will try mine and hopefully they will be at least half as good as the one from your childhood.
      Thank you also for referencing my blog in your great blog!

  2. Yum! What a nice treat for celebrating the selection of a new Pope.

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