Learning the Italian Language. Chapter two

I am back sharing my beautiful language with my list of words of the month. If you have been following my blog you should recognize many Italian words from my January and February’s posts.

A little note to apologize for my list looking waving. I cannot figure out how to use the tab command on this blog site. If any of you know how, please help me!



Minestrone                      Minestrone – a vegetable based soup

Biscotti                           All kind of hard cookies

Befanini                          Tuscan biscotti

Calzoni                           pizza dough stuffed with mozzarella,

                                      ricotta and salame. Baked

Panzerotti                       similar to calzone, stuffed with mozzarella

                                      and tomatoes. Deep fried

Charlotte di pere              pear pie

Crostata                          fruit tart

Pizzetta fritta                   fried small pizza

Pastacresciuta                fried leavened dough

Pomodori                        tomatoes

Crocche di patate            potatoes croquet

Torta                               cake

Pere                               pears

Torta Caprese                 flourless chocolate cake

                                      typical of Capri

Ripieno                           stuffing

Chiacchiere                     strips of dough, deep-fried

Sanguinaccio                   thick chocolate custard

ABOUT FOOD          

Friggitoria                        local shop selling deep

                                      fried food

Colazione                        breakfast

Pranzo                            lunch

Cena                               dinner/supper

Al forno                           oven baked

Forno a legna                  wood oven

Fritto                               deep-fried

Dieta                               diet

Dieta Mediterranea           Mediterranean Diet


Buon San Valentino         Happy Valentine’s day


Epifania                           Epiphany

Befana                            Old good witch of the Epiphany

San Valentino                  Valentine’s day

Festa degli Innamorati      Valentine’s day

Carnevale                        Carnival – Mardi Gras

Martedì Grasso                Fat Tuesday

Mercoledì delle ceneri       Ash Wednesday

Quaresima                       Lent

Pasqua                            Easter


Poesia                            poem

Gruppo Cultura Italian       Italian Group for Culture

Inverno                            Winter

Calza                               sock – stocking

Letterina                           short letter

Stile di vita                       lifestyle

Funicolare                        funicular railway

Segreto                            secret

Maschere                         masks – Also the traditional

                                        characters of Carnival

Coriandoli e stelle filanti      confetti and streamers

Rinascimento                      Renaissance

Ballo in maschera               Masquerade ball

Commedia dell” Arte           Comedy of crafts

Una bonta                          a delicacy

Calle                                 narrow streets in Venice

Buonissimo                       extremely good

Here you have it, a full list of words for you to practice.

Which is your favorite Italian word?

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Learning the Italian Language

Benvenuti (Welcome) to my first blog of 2012!

It is time to share with you My beautiful language. If you have been following my blog you should have learned many Italian words and expressions.

Just in case you have not been paying attention I have compiled a list of all the Italian words and expressions used in My December blogs.

The words and expressions are grouped into categories.

I hope you will find this useful.


Limone Lemon
Biscotti All kind of hard cookies
Torrone Nugget
Nocciole Hazelnut
Frutta secca Dry fruit
Insalata Salad
Insalata di rinforzo A marinated vegetable and
cauliflower salad
Baccalà Salted cod-fish
Pizzelle Neapolitan fried dough
Pasta cresciuta A type of pizza dough
Capitone Female adult eel
Gamberi Shrimps
Cozze Mussels
Vongole Clams
Calamari Squids
Frutti di mare Sea Food
Calamarata Type of pasta
Spumante Italian sparkling wine
Zampone Mixture of ground pork,
pork rinds, and spices
stuffed into a boned pig’s foreleg
Cotechino Big sausage  made with a  pork rinds,
mixture of ground pork,
and spices
Lenticchie Lentils
Struffoli Neapolitan dessert typical of Christmas
Mostaccioli Neapolitan large cookies typical of Christmas
Limoncello Lemon liqueur of the Amalfi coast
Frutta Fruit
Dolce Dessert
Cucina Kitchen
Ricetta Recipe
Pranzo Lunch
Cena Dinner/supper
Cenone (della Vigilia) Big dinner
(on Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve)
Contorno Appetizer
Primo Piatto First course
Secondo Piatto Second course
Contorno Side dish
Far saltare la pasta Make the pasta jump – lightly fry
Pasta al dente Pasta must still have a little bite
Brindisi Toast
Buon Natale Merry Christmas
Buon Anno or  Felice Anno Nuovo Happy New Year
Benvenuti! Welcome!
Natale Christmas
Capodanno New Year’s Day
Vigilia di Natale Christmas Eve
San Silvestro St. Sylvester – New Year’s Eve
Veglione di San Silvestro New Year’s Eve Party
Babbo Natale Father Christmas/ Santa Clause
Zampognari Shepherds, from the mountains of
Abruzzi, who during the two weeks prior
to Christmas travel from house to house
often to play Christmas music
on their bagpipes.
Feste Natalizie Christmas Holiday Season
Presepe Nativity scene/crèche
Vigilia Eve
Re Magi Three Wise Men
Bambino Gesù Baby Jesus
Madonna Virgin Mary
Pastori Shepherds (In the Nativity scene it
refers to all the figures in the scene)
Mangiatoia Manger
Albero di Natale Christmas tree
Addobbato Trimmed/decked up
Parole Words
Espressioni Expressions
Mezzanotte Midnight
Botti Fireworks and firecrackers
Amici Friends
Notte Night
Bambino Child
Chiesa Church
Passeggiare To go for a stroll
Pizzaiolo Pizza maker
Mercato Open market
Confusion Confusion
Buonissimo! Very, very good!
Che delizia! How delicious!
Ospiti Guests
Zia Aunt
Pompieri Firemen
Il ponte The bridge (literally), it also means
that if a holiday falls on a Thursday or
a Tuesday, they bridge the holidays
taking off from work and school the
extra day in between.

Wow, these are a lot of words! You will have a lot to practice. Have fun!

If you live in Frederick County (MD), Motgmomery County (MD), Washington Metropolitan Area and the Princeton (NJ) Area and you are interested in Italian language classes visit my website www.sharingmyitaly.com  You will also find information on cooking classes and traveling in Italy.