Celebrating Mother’s Day with an Italian Poem.

Buona Festa della Mamma!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, my words are not needed . . . I will let a poem speak.

I am sharing another poesia (poem) by Annabella Mele; you can read about this Italian poetess -very close to my heart – in my January and March‘s posts.

You can listen to the poem in Italian while following the text. The English translation is below.

Original Italian Version – Click to listen


English Translation

An Old Mother

No … I could not look in the eyes

of an old mother;

I could not count the wrinkles on her face

or the tears trickling from the dry eyes;

I could not watch her walking slowly,

dragging her feet in the stuffed boots;

I could not see the light passing through

her transparent hands;

I could not listen to her trembling voice;

I could not hold her to me,

reviving her fragile hair,

returning a gesture so much used

in my tender age.

I could nothing of all this . . .

and I still carry the wounds.

Sending love to all the mothers in this Universe.

NOTE: No blogging this coming week . . .VACATION! I hope you will miss me!


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